Coaching Community

At the heart of what we do is a community of incredible humans. They’re experts in the art of professional coaching and are dedicated to supporting the development of young adults.

Who are they?

Our coaches are a unique breed. They have experience of coaching across a range of industries where they deploy an array of coaching methods. And, not only are they professional in every sense of the word, they also share our mission and passion for developing the potential of young adults.

What makes them ‘professional’?

Know You More coaches hold professional qualifications in coaching and are members of leading professional coaching bodies such as ICF, EMCC, ILM or Association for Coaching. They’re committed to their development, which we support within our community platform.

Which style of coaching is it?

From life to leadership, executive to performance there are many styles of coaching. Our focus is creating the best experience by focussing on relationship and the development needs of the individual. Having such a deep pool of coaches means we can match the needs of the individual to the skills and speciality of the coach.

Here are few of them…


“I believe young adults can achieve personal and professional success without a fear of burnout. My purpose is to make coaching accessible in early careers so young adults can navigate life’s challenges and big decisions, building confidence and resilience, empowering them to unleash the leader within.”


“The world can be a confusing place when you’re starting out after education, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right commitment to our self-development, we can make great strides very quickly. A positive ripple effect of which is far-reaching beyond measure…”


“I want to give people the opportunity to experience coaching in a way I never had. For my personal and professional development, I’m connecting with a different demographic to hone my skills and experience new perspectives.”


“I love people! What makes us tick really fascinates me… I feel the energy of others and I want to influence those who reach out. I think by changing one life at a time, we can change the world.”


“I love helping young people to identify their values and guiding principles and to take courageous leaps in making positive life choices and attaining their development goals.”

Quality is standard

We recruit only the best and maintain their high standards of practice by providing coaching supervision and CPD development opportunities. Each coach is fully insured and we collate coachee feedback after each coaching programme.

The power of the community

As well as creating free and paid for coaching opportunities for our coaches, we also help them develop the skills and confidence to grow their own independent coaching practices. We do that through our membership community where we share advice, give access to subject matter experts and provide toolkits to help them thrive.

Interested in becoming a part of Know You More?

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