Realise Your Ambition

Imagine having your own coach that can support you and take your development to the next level?

Take Control of Your Future

Career Clarity

We give you the confidence to get the Career Clarity you need, to build the future you want.

Professional Skills

We help you learn the Professional Skills that will support your personal and career development.


We support your entrepreneurial mind through a dedicated coach who is your thinking partner.

What we do for you

We give you the opportunity to develop yourself through qualified, 1:1 virtual coaching. We can help you take command of your career, develop professional skills or take your business forward with confidence. Professional coaching is recognised as the highest form of personal development. We use the latest online technology to deliver virtual coaching that works around you.

How do we do it

We create powerful learning experiences through our community of 150+ professionally trained and accredited coaches. Trust and connection are the foundations for a great coaching experience. Our Know You More platform allows us to find the perfect coach for you.

What Will Coaching Do For You?

Build Your Self-Confidence and Resilience
Take Your Ideas and Turn Them Into Action
Improves Your Productivity and Accountability

Here is what they say

Alana joined Know You More as she was starting her own business. Here she shares the experience of working with her coach, Alina:


“Working on your own a lot there can be a lot of room for self-doubt and questioning. Having Alina made such a huge difference in terms of my confidence and pushing on instead of being stuck”

Coaching community

We couldn’t do what we do without our inspirational community of coaches. Together, we work hard to deliver the highest standard of coaching possible. Working with coaches that share our vision is at the heart of Know You More.

How do I begin?

Here is a step by step roadmap of your journey with us. We make sure you get the best out of your coaching experience. We do this by taking the time to prepare you ahead of meeting with your coach and selecting the best coach for you based on your preferences.

Pay it Forward

Know You More is on a mission to empower young people to have the skills, confidence and belief to take command of their future. For every programme of coaching we deliver, we gift the same to youth development programmes delivered by our charity partners.

Your Coaching Experience Will Include

3 Hour Programme (Introduction)
£ 499

(inc VAT)


Are you delivering a project, preparing for that all-important interview or want nail that big presentation?


This is the perfect, quick-fire programme to make that instant impact.

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Total Amount: £499.00

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6 Hour Programme (Recommended)
£ 899

(inc VAT)


Are you looking to make a long-lasting improvement to your personal performance and effectiveness?


Gain the skills and confidence to take control of your career or business ambitions.

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Total Amount: £899.00

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10 Hour Programme (Successful Change)
£ 1299

(inc VAT)


Starting your own business, returning to your career, becoming a first-time leader or significant life change?


Have a skilled navigator by your side to make a smooth and successful transition.

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Total Amount: £1,299.00

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