Get Ready

How do we answer the big questions about life after university and develop some of the skills to help us get there?

By Knowing You

Thinking differently. Think for yourself.

Become clear and start to ‘KNOW’:

  • what you’re really made of
  • what you believe in
  • what you love, what gives you confidence
  • what unleashes your potential
  • what challenges you
  • what fuels you
  • what a bright future looks like..for you..not anyone else

What if this was easy?

Imagine a space in which you can be honest and open about what it is that matters to you. A space where no one has any pre-conceived notions of who you should be, what kind of person you are and what it is you can do.

If you could work with people whose only agenda is you. Be coached by someone so skilled they can give you that edge, the advantage to get you ahead of the game. A plan of action that holds everything that you now know to be important and the motivation and accountability to make it a reality.


We’ve made this easy

St. Andrew’s University and Know You More have teamed up to give you your very own professional coaching experience.

This isn’t another app, ‘quick fix’ or fifteen-minute fad.

In fact, it’s the opposite…. it is a life lasting experience.

It exists for you to realise that you already have it all and for you to design your plan to get there, wherever it is you decide go.

So what does this do for me


There is so much value in working with a professional coach. Here are just a few..


  • Achieve goals
  • Develop Clarity
  • Stay motivated
  • Tackle obstacles
  • Answer the BIG questions about your future!

Here is what they are saying

“I thought wow, you can change your perspective so much! [The coaches] help with how you approach a situation and the way you can resolve it as well.”

“Professional Skills Curriculum” Programme
St Andrews University

Click to watch Maya’s story

“I realised: You don’t do coaching because you are weak, but it’s like a sports person seeking a coach to get better.”

Stirling University student

Click to watch Niel’s and other stories of KYM coachees

Click to watch Luca’s story

“A good thing about [coaching] is I can do it almost anywhere. I could do it in the library or at home… I think overall it was positive.”

“Professional Skills Curriculum” Programme
St Andrews University

How it works

Click on the infographic below to see how it works.

And watch a webinar

Webinar with the Laidlaw Scholars

Know You More

Fill in your details below and we send you instructions on how to log into the Know You More portal. There you can fill in your profile and any preferences you have and we will get you matched up with a coach.

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